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Tuesday, Jun. 17th 2014

Sock Bun

Easy step by step tutorial on how to create a sock bun!

1. Items needed: 2 pony tail holders, bobby pins, sock, a rat tail comb, and a human head of hair.  Keep in mind that dirty hair always styles better, be sure to use your OSIS products to get the hold and desired smoothness in your sock bun.


2. Place your hair into a tight pony tail, wherever you would your sock bun to sit.


3. Place your sock bun over your pony tail.


4. Tease half of your pony tail.


5. Fan hair evenly over sock bun.


6. Place your 2nd pony tail holder over your sock bun and fanned hair.


7. Use the tail end of your rat comb to pull your bun to desired size.


8. Wrap any extra hair around the base of your sock bun.


9. Pin your bun down to hide excess hair. Use Osis Freeze Hairspray on stray hairs and smooth down for a sleek, finished look!



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