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Monday, Jun. 30th 2014


Want fabulous Hair in less than one days time?

If you had the ability to change your hair, would you?  Would you make it longer, thicker, or just have more body?  I’ve had enough people in my chair to know that most of you would probably answer YES!  Fortunately, there is something you can do to make those changes.  Extensions are a very quickly growing trend, it’s not just for Hollywood anymore!

At TayaBella’s we offer two types of extensions, microlink and fusion.  We wanted to offer both so you as the client can decide which one will work better for you, your budget and your lifestyle.  We will give you a quick run down of both options, if you would like to learn more, schedule a FREE consultation and we can discuss it!
Microlink extensions:
This attachment method does not involve glue, heat or chemicals.  Tiny cylinders are used to attach the remy hair strand to your hair strand.  Because your hair continues to grow, your remy hair strands will grow out as well.  This requires you to have the cylinders be adjusted every 4 to 6 weeks.
We use 100% Remy Hair.  The hair for the microlink is the best of the best, the top of the line, numero uno!  This hair will last you as long as you want it to.  Depending on it’s wear and tear, these strands will need to be sent in once a year to be re-tipped.
Fusion Extensions:
This extension method is applied with heat and bonded to the natural hair with 100% keratin.  There is no upkeep with this method.  Once the hair is applied, just let it grow out with your hair naturally.  Between 4 and 6 months, we will remove the hair.  You will then apply a new set of hair, should you choose to keep them in (and I know you will).
This hair is also 100% Remy Hair, however, this is a more budget friendly option.
Now that you have a better idea of each type of extension, Im sure your wanting to know the cost!  Well, it’s not that simple.  Your length, how many colors, how many bundles, volume only; all of these are taken into consideration.  The price can range anywhere from $100 up to $1500.  Consultations are FREE, so please call to schedule yours and we can discuss your options and determine your price!
What length would you get if you did extensions?

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